Walk at Hambye – April 22nd 2016

IMG_2624 About 16 people and one dog enjoyed a walk in the vicinity of the Abbey at Hambye in the morning of Friday 22nd April 2016, another excellent Anglophone Association event.
Whilst it was raining, sometimes very heavy, prior to the walk, it did not rain during the walk but the ground was very wet.
The guide was excellent as no one got lost, unfortunately the shoes of one walker “gave up the ghost”.
It shows how keen the walkers were to turn up at Hambye on a wet and inclement day.
The next walk will take place under blue skies [I hope]. The walk was uneventful but as a result of the weather some of the timber surfaces [bridges] were very slippery.
IMG_20160422_123700298_HDR IMG_20160422_123721687
Following the walk a very nice 3 course meal at
Hotel de La Gare at Gavray was taken by the walkers who
gained all the calories they had lost as a consequence of the
walk, the walkers were also joined by two people who did not
go on the walk

Craft Group

Come and try our craft group who meet each month in the comfort of their own homes. The purpose of the group is to swap ideas, work on their current project and help one another with pooled expertise.

This is a self-help group with a most impressive collection of crafts represented from jewellery and card making, to lace, embroidery, knitting, crochet and any other needle craft you can think of.

We welcome those who may want to share their craft expertise with us, or those who may want to learn a new craft. There is no tutor as such but the group are happy to pass on their skills and will show you how to start and help you as you learn.

For further information please email us through our contact page.


Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

Review written by Yvonne member of the reading group.

The introduction to Gone girl starts by describing the need, a previously successful couple, have to move back to the husbands childhood home in a small town in Missouri.

The story then moves back to when successful girl meets successful boy who fall in love and marry and are just “so happy” in their New York home.

However girl loses her job soon to be followed by boy loses job.

The move to small town Missouri follows. Girl disappears, house looks ransacked, traces of blood found in the kitchen, conclusion, husband murdered her.

Don’t be fooled there’s a lot more story with so many twists and turns, it’ll keep you guessing and turning the pages right to the very last page.