The Charity selected for 2018 – 2019

The Charity selected by the Association for 2018 – 2019 is Les Sauveteurs en Mer (SNSM).
This Association exists to provide a free service of rescue at sea to both professional and leisure
sailors, to provide a life-guard service on beaches during the summer and to educate people on safety at the coast
and at sea. The Association covers a wide geographic area and we have chosen to support the Agon-Coutainville station
as it is the closest to Coutances. All the services are provided by volunteers.


Le Poulailler and the AGM at Les Unelles – 24th April 2018

Some thirty members met on Tuesday morning at Le Poulailler for coffee and viennoiseries prior to the AGM.  This was a chance to renew their membership and to meet with friends old and new for a chat. Our friendly host was busy preparing
drinks for the growing number of members arriving.
The business of the day was soon under way at Les Unelles. This year, there was a short presentation from our previous charity, Parentibus, who explained the organisation
and how the charity had grown recently. Our President presented Parentibus with a cheque for 650€.

Later in the meeting, Louise reported on the activities of the
Association during the previous year.

Three new members of the Committee were voted in, a charity was selected and a raffle won. Members stayed chatting after the meeting for some time before walking to
the La Taverene du Parvis for lunch.

Write up and photos courtesy of members

Day out to Giverny – 20th April 2018

For our trip to Giverny, near Vernon, we were blessed with perhaps the
warmest day of the year. Due to an early start we arrived in Giverny
before it became very busy and we had a wonderful opportunity to see
the garden without crowds of other visitors.  After a cold spring the tulips were still glorious and the blossom was breathtakingly beautiful throughout the village.

Monet’s house has also been re-created in its original style using many of Monet’s own furniture, fittings and artefacts.

We had an enjoyable and memorable day.

Write up and photos courtesy of members.

Hambye walk – 18th April 2018

On Wednesday 18th April, 15 people and a couple of dogs enjoyed a walk in Hambye in glorious spring weather. As it seemed that we had had a long cold & wet winter it was nice to get out in such wonderful weather. Unfortunately because we had all got accustomed to dressing for winter some of us [particularly the writer] were not dressed for the good weather we had.

The walk started from adjacent Hambye Abbey

and progressed through the woods and meadows and crossed the river Sienne a number of times.







Don’t worry we crossed the river Sienne by bridge and not through the water, I have tried walking on water but it does not work.A lot of walking groups must have started from the car park adjacent the Abbey, a lot of people were down at the car park for walks. I didn’t know that so many people existed in France.
After the walk we had a very good meal at Hotel de la Gare in Gavray with plenty of drinks flowing.

Write up and photo’s courtesy of members.