About Us

Welcome to the Anglophone website. It was in January 1993 that our founding members first met to discuss the idea of an Association to establish and develop links between the French and the English speaking communities of Coutances. It had been the wish of the then maire-adjointe à la culture.

We are a group of mainly English speaking people (of any nationality) enjoying life in France full time or part time who get together to increase our enjoyment of the area.  Many great friendships have sprung up out of meeting up with other English speakers locally. We encourage any nationality to join us, many of our members speak French as well as English, so if you want to improve your English or French as well as your social life, check out the pages here and come along and join us.

We have one hundred members.  We elect a committee annually to organise events such as visits to local enterprises, walks, sports and places of interest.  We enjoy good food and wine in the traditional French way in the local restaurants and auberges.  But every now and then we have a good old British roast or a real curry.
We celebrate major British events, as well as key French events – really, any opportunity for a get-together and we take it!

If you need to know something about life in France that confuses you, someone in our membership will know the right answer!  If we don’t, we will usually know someone who does know.

Membership is not expensive, 20€ for a couple or 10€ for an individual.  For this you will receive a regular Newsletter detailing upcoming events and reporting on past events.

Visit our Contact Us page if you want to know more!