Dance Group at Le Manoir

Our Dance Group has been meeting once a fortnight and, under the patient and long-suffering guidance of Louise, we have had great fun and much hilarity learning some more English and Scottish country dances.
Our season culminated in June in a small dance “show” at Le Manoir retirement home in Coutances and an end-of-season party at Gratot.

This was our second visit to a retirement home in Coutances to entertain the residents and on 14 June we were as warmly welcomed as before. There were twelve brave dancers, including and led by Louise, plus Dave Wilson on music and me giving a short introduction. We danced for about an hour, demonstrating four Scottish and two English dances, and then invited the staff to join in a couple with us, which they did with great enthusiasm, even pressing us for an extra one! They then provided us with refreshments (much needed and gratefully received!) while we had the chance to chat to some of the residents. It was a super experience, hopefully to be repeated … how many retirement homes are there in Coutances?!

Our end-of-season party on the 17th June at Gratot gave us a chance to do all our favourite dances, enjoy copious food and cider, and present Louise with a small thank-you gift to encourage her to put up with us again next season!
If any of you are interested in joining the Dance Group in September, please come along to give it a try – no prior experience needed and it’s amazing how uplifting dancing, music and laughter can be!