Hambye walk – 18th April 2018

On Wednesday 18th April, 15 people and a couple of dogs enjoyed a walk in Hambye in glorious spring weather. As it seemed that we had had a long cold & wet winter it was nice to get out in such wonderful weather. Unfortunately because we had all got accustomed to dressing for winter some of us [particularly the writer] were not dressed for the good weather we had.

The walk started from adjacent Hambye Abbey

and progressed through the woods and meadows and crossed the river Sienne a number of times.







Don’t worry we crossed the river Sienne by bridge and not through the water, I have tried walking on water but it does not work.A lot of walking groups must have started from the car park adjacent the Abbey, a lot of people were down at the car park for walks. I didn’t know that so many people existed in France.
After the walk we had a very good meal at Hotel de la Gare in Gavray with plenty of drinks flowing.

Write up and photo’s courtesy of members.

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