Mad dogs and Anglophones  – 21st June 2017   

There was a distinct absence of dogs, mad or otherwise, when a group of us met at Lac des Bruyères for a walk. It was 10.30 am and already hot, hot, hot! Because of this, there was a choice of a 2 or 5 km route. The majority did, however, opt for the longer walk. So, sunscreen applied, water supplies to hand and sun hats on heads, we set off. Our route took us along country tracks and included wooded areas where some dappled shade gave welcome respite from the sun. Towards the end, we walked by a small lake, before coming to the large lake on the home stretch. We finished at the rest area where we partook of our well earned picnic. Once retrieved, out came a goodly array of light refreshments! Another good walk, well planned by Louise & David.