Pancakes – February 13th 2013

It may have been the day after pancake day but that didn’t stop 15 people from turning up for even more at Karen’s. John, on car parking duty, did a sterling job in fitting so many cars on the drive!

Everyone brought a topping which meant there was a great variety of flavours to choose from including lemon and sugar, honey,
cherries and ice cream, cheese, maple syrup, and fruit compôtes.

Janet and Karen were busy throughout cooking up the pancakes and making more and more pancake mix as people tried the different

The lack of central heating (it went off that morning) didn’t seem to matter and the kitchen was soon warming up with the company and good spirits!

We got through lot of batter and all probably over-ate – but thoroughly
enjoyed ourselves too and, after a glass or two of cider, several people even voluntarily did the washing up!!

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