Waffles in the Garden – 7 June 2017

How lucky were we, after Tuesday’s high winds and driving rain, to be sat outside in sunshine surrounded by the most beautiful garden.

Annette invited the Anglophone Association to afternoon tea with, not only a selection of cakes, but an extra bonus of Belgian waffles. Catherine and Annette did a splendid job with the waffles, many more helpers were serving teas and coffee.

It was a very relaxing and friendly atmosphere with everyone joining in a conversation, either with people they knew well, or getting to know those they didn’t know too well.


Apart from the refreshments the garden was superb with so many flowers and plants to look at. Considering the house was only a short way from the main road and a busy shopping area it was so peaceful.




Being nosey, I spoke to Michelle, one of Annette’s neighbours, who was carving a piece of wood. She beckoned me over and showed me all the different sculptures in her home that she had made from various media. That was such a nice addition to a lovely afternoon.

Write up and photos courtesy of members