Walk at Montmartin sur Mer Plage

On Tuesday 23 June we had our first walk of the 2020 season, after a long period on “restriction” as a consequence of the Pandemic. After being unable to see our friends in the recent past this walk was very popular. It was the first event the Anglophone Association held after the “lockdown” and was conducted in line with the “restrictions” that currently exist.

The walk culminated on Montmartin sur Mer Plage and was enjoyed by two groups of ten keen Anglophone Association members [twenty in total] accompanied by five dogs. Congratulations should be offered to Louise and Dave for organising very good weather; they must have a direct line with the weather gods! The walk made us aware of the beautiful area in which we live.

As Dave said “it was voted in 2019 by readers of The Guardian as one of the top five beaches in France”. A number of photographs taken during the walk are shown here to give you a taste of this walk.

After the walk we all had a very enjoyable picnic on the nearby picnic tables at Hauteville. One picnic table was very sophisticated with a table cloth, in fact one wit said that all that was missing was the candlestick! And whilst some people demonstrated their culinary skills the writer’s picnic was supplied by the local supermarket.

In these difficult times it was nice to get together with some of our friends. Away from the walk, congratulations must be given to the Association for the support and the supply of essential information to all members during these restrictions.