A Chinese and Chocolate Treat

It must have been the combination of Chinese food, chocolates and mild weather that encouraged so many to attend our November outing in Granville. 

Le Grand Aigle restaurant is one of, if not THE, best of its kind in the area.There is so much choice, guaranteed to please all tastes. 

We heaped our plates again and again in an attempt to savour as many different dishes as possible – a real feast!

We then crossed the road to visit Yver Chocolatier. 



The videos and museum were interesting.  We then had a brief explanation of the production process and were all amazed to learn how much of this work is still done by hand. 

Finally, we browsed round the exquisite chocolates and macaroons on display in the shop and went away happily clutching our free “goodie-bags”.


It was a most enjoyable outing, as you will see from all the happy, smiling faces!


Many thanks to Linda Faux for submitting some of her photos.