Boat Trip – River Douve – 25th May 2013

On Saturday May 25th a group of us went on a boat trip on the river Douve.
We met up in Carentan for lunch, which was eaten at an extremely pleasant restaurant on the marina.
Thus fortified, we made our way to the embarkation point for the boat. We, and a fair few other people, were ushered on board by a smiling captain who then introduced himself. The ropes were untied and we were away!

The afternoon was sunny and quite warm: most of us had come prepared for all eventualities though! The river was fairly high so we could easily see the landscape as we
travelled through the marais.

The captains commentary was in French but between us
we managed to understand and it was very informative, with amusing asides as well.
Fish, coypus and birds were spotted as well as being able to handle other fish skulls and a
stuffed coypu, which has amazingly soft fur.

At the halfway point we moored up and had the opportunity to go to a bar for a little light
refreshment. It was a very peaceful spot and an enjoyable place to walk around.

The journey was a very pleasurable and interesting way of spending a sunny Saturday