Supported Charity 2015

Each year the Anglophone Association supports a charity which is voted on at the AGM. Our chosen Charity for 2015-16 is  le Centre Francois Baclesse

It is a cancer treatment centre in Caen.  Its mission is to ensure care, research and teaching exclusively in the cancerology field benefiting all Lower Normandy.

If you would like to find out more about them, you can check out their Website:   Telephone: 02 31 45 50 50

Throughout the year we raise money at events through raffles and other fun fundraising games for our members and, at the end of the year, this money is donated to our supported charity.



Previous Charities we have supported:

2014-2015 –  Association Solidarité Coutances Rwanda  and  St Lo Memorial Hospital
Association Solidarité Coutances Rwanda
This charity is based in Coutances and supports deprived villages in Rwanda. The charity is run locally and the money they raise goes straight to the people who need it with no middle men. They raise money to supply schools, teachers and all the books and pens and other facilities needed to enable the schools to run.

St Lo Memorial Hospital
The Franco-American hospital has a new project to raise €2 million Euros by 2016 to modernise the hospital’s cardiological and neurological facilities.

2013-2014 –  Les Petits Freres des Pauvres
An International non profit organisation created in 1946 to aid people over 50 years of age. They provide practical and emotional support for those alone, handicapped or poor. Volunteers make home visits, meet with the elderly in nursing or retirement homes, and they staff telephone call-in lines to relieve loneliness.

2012-2013 Cancer Support France Basse Normandie is an association affiliated to Cancer Support France, a group of regional associations, created to help English speaking people, wherever their origin, who are affected by Cancer.
For further information about CSF you can visit their website:

Bell Foundry and Copper Workshop, Villedieu les Poeles

Villedieu les Poeles – 27th October 2011

A select group of us gathered outside the impressive iron gates of the bell foundry in Villedieu les Poeles.  Our English speaking guide was a charming and informative young man who managed to make the tour both interesting and humourous.  The level of skill and craftsmanship involved in the art of creating a bell is truly impressive.  The foundry is one of only 2 in France, and had only just recently shipped a bell weighing an immense 2.6 tonnes to Beirut cathedral.  Most of their work involves bells of somewhat lesser dimensions though!  It certainly is well worth a visit for those of you who have not yet been.

We then meandered through one of the lovely, picturesque back streets of the town and up to the Copper Workshop (Atelier du Cuivre), one of the oldest workshops in Villedieu still in existence.  We were met by our guide, Sarah (one of the proprietors) who guided us through the various stages of making a pan, showing us the traditional methods and the more modern techniques used side by side, from the formation of the basic shape of the pan, lining the inside, adding the handle, through to the final finishing and polishing

As well as creating pots and pans, they will make any sculpture requested in copper, or pewter and they also restore and repair old copper pots and pans – no matter what their condition!

Sarah was very enthusiastic about her subject and convinced us all of  the virtues of copper and as we left, I think we were all considering saving up to buy a set of copper pots and pans!

All in all, a very enjoyable afternoon.