Walking Group

Our walking group meets once a month from February to June and from September to November. All members are welcome – we have some regulars but also people who dip in and out as it suits them.

We walk for about 5km – taking around an hour and a half. We try to put together a mixture of seaside and country walks. There’s nothing too strenuous but stout footwear is recommended.

Afterwards we try to go to a local auberge or restaurant for lunch with a good value menu or have a picnic.

For further information please contact us at

September Walk at Coutainville

Our walk took us past some very large holiday villas, but also some cosy houses surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. We all thoroughly enjoyed it and unbelievably the rain waited until we entered the restaurant! We all took the starter buffet and the lunch formule. There was a good ambiance present. Once again it was a success and thanks go to our organiser.

Walk at Hambye


16 people and one dog enjoyed a walk in the vicinity of the Abbey at Hambye. Whilst it was raining heavily prior to the walk, it did not rain during the walk but the ground was very wet and some of the bridges were very slippery. Following the walk we had a very nice 3 course meal at the Hotel de La Gare at Gavray where we gained all the calories lost on the walk!