Christmas Luncheon at Le Tourne Bride – 8th December 2017

We were blessed with a bright and breezy day for our much anticipated celebration lunch, although latecomers were greeted with a hail storm. The log fire was most welcome and so was an aperitif, which was followed by a continuous selection of delicious warm and cold canapés. Starters of terrine or baked salmon were equally tasteful, but all were upstaged by a wonderfully rich sauce that accompanied the duckling main course. Green vegetables were something of a scarcity, it seemed, but I kept spooning up the sauce by way of recompense. The gourmande sweet was politely proportioned, reflecting a French reserve rather than English Gluttony, which will need to wait until the 25th of the month. Service was prompt and the conversation was lively.

The raffle was competently fixed with the Committee members winning several of the prizes. The raffle raised the princely sum of 173 € and the auction, which included table decorations by Stevie, raised 109 €. Profits will go to our charity, Parentibus.


The Craft Group’s Christmas wreath was greatly admired and secured with a generous bid, apparently by a man from Belgium, although I believe it will stay in the country.

Write up of the visit and photos courtesy of members.