INFO – Library of English books

Did you know there is a local Library of English books which you can borrow?

The library is free. It is based in Roncey, just south of Coutances.
There are about 4,000 books, including some children’s and some large print. There are also a few DVDs (mostly the free ones given in the Daily Mail).

It is open 24/7 (just be quiet if you come at night). If you want a book come and get one. There is no registration, no electric bills, no affiliation to any club.

It is run by Linda Brookes and is operated on a self-service trust system. The library is not affiliated to any club or organisation.

There is no limit to the number of books
There is no time limit on the borrowing time.
There are no fees or registration.

The library is in Roncey, which is south of Coutances and signed from the D7. It is not a big village. From the middle of the village, having the church on your left and the pharmacy on your right, take the left fork just ahead of you. Follow this road (D76) all the way out of the village and then continue for a few hundred metres. At the first crossroads, turn right following the sign to the Library. After about 300 metres, there is another sign to the left up the lane. The library is right at the end of the lane in the barn on the right.

If you are not sure, call Linda on 02 33 46 44 86. or email
her house is number 24, on the left.

Background information from Linda:
I started about 8 years ago, facilitating a swap system (bring your old books and take away other peoples). At the beginning I took everything and just waited to see what would happen. Lots of people kindly gave their old books, sadly some were only fit for the tip! I invested in bookshelves, and electric light and heat in winter. Kind people said it should not be free and insisted that I accept cash donations too, so now there is a piggy bank for coins – but I insist there is no charge for the service.

Over the years I have discovered that people want to borrow fiction, biographies and true-life stories. So that’s what I stock. Space restrictions mean that I cannot stock old cook books, gardening books, travel guides etc. No-one borrows them!

Local people pop in when they are passing and exchange a few books, but many people come from much further afield (over 100km in one case) and take several boxes of books at a time – I am happy with either.

Please don’t ‘dump’ piles of old books without speaking to me.

Returned books can be left on the table – I restock the shelves and clean regularly, books misfiled makes more work.
Magazines can be left but if you take them away, don’t bring them back twice!

The service is free and I am not interested in making a profit, however small contributions towards the heating and lighting costs are much appreciated.

Information about your business, or any events being put on, can be put up on the notice boards. I do like to have recommendations of businesses (good tradesmen, restaurants, gîtes, etc) to pass on.

I love people to know about the library. Nothing pleases me more than to see a car pull up outside the door.