Nicorps Walk 28th September – 2018

The morning of the much heralded “ first Anglophone walk of the 2018-19 season” arrived with blue skies and bright sunshine. Only the slightest nip in the air warned that our Indian summer was coming to an end.

About a dozen members of the walking group ,fresh from strenuous pre-season training, warmed up and did stretches in the Nicorps village car-park, before setting off at a frantic pace to face a gruelling test of their stamina – – – MAIS NON! Rather this was a typical Anglophone walk – a not too brisk circular ramble through the beautiful Norman countryside, with much time devoted to swapping news and views with each other as we strolled along. And if some members were not as fast as others, then there was much encouragement available and the advance guard were always happy to take a break to check maps and appreciate the sights, while “stragglers” caught up. In all the walk took just over 90 minutes and everyone finished in good spirits and ready for lunch, having enjoyed the fresh air, scenery and exercise. Basically less tiring than a major shop at Leclerc and much better for your health!
The walk itself was a circuit around Nicorps in three parts. Firstly, we walked down a fairly narrow sunken lane along the ridge on the northern side of the village, which should have offered great views over the countryside stretched out below, if only the maize in the neighbouring fields had not grown above head height to form a very effective screen. Next there came a country road, which was happily completely free of traffic, going past charming stone-built houses and then between open fields with wide views. Finally we traversed broad farm lanes shaded by trees and perfectly quiet, except for the noisy munching of grass by calves and horses fattening themselves up for winter in the surrounding pastures, until we miraculously emerged onto the road opposite L’Auberge de Brothelande, where wine, cider and good food awaited.
The very welcoming proprietors had even provided an alternative English menu including Bakewell tart, courtesy of our very own Kay and Sam which was much appreciated.

Write up and photo courtesy of members.