September Walk at Coutainville

The weather forecast was not very good, so we took our raincoats and our waterproof shoes. After some searching we discovered the car park, but no other cars – we wondered if we were in the right place! However, we needn’t have worried because five minutes later more members arrived. Meanwhile though it was already 10.30, but there was no sign of our walk leader? Then suddenly, we discovered some 100 metres further on to where we were there were some other people standing next to their cars. A closer inspection informed us that it was our other walking friends!

Our walk took us past some very large holiday villas, but also some cosy houses surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers. We all enjoyed it….and it stayed dry!! Unbelievably the rain waited until we entered the restaurant!! We all took the starters-buffet and the lunch formule. There was a good ambiance present. Once again it was a success and thanks go to our organiser.