INFO – Waste systems/Fosses septic

The French are improving the waste removal systems around the country and many people are now being connected to mains drains or are having to upgrade their current arrangements to comply with the law…

If you receive a letter asking you to make changes, here are some guidelines for you.

Any improvements you are told to make to your waste systems are only recommendations at the moment. However, as a law will most likely be brought in, and some of the fosses and pipes in old houses are inadequate for modern use, then you may want to make at least some of the recommended changes and you will need someone to carry this out for you.  One way to go about this is to look up “Assainissement” in the Yellow Pages.  There are at least one or two firms who do this in each area.  Go along to one in your area armed with your letter of recommended works, show this to them and ask for “un devis” (pronounced “duvee” with the stress at the end, meaning “estimate”).  You can then decide what, if any, of the works to have done depending on the cost.

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