Haras National de Saint Lô – October 28th 2015

One fine Wednesday in October (yes, really, it was a lovely day!) twenty Anglophones paid a visit to the Haras National Stud Farm in Saint Lo.

The centre concentrates on breeding the Selle Francais (the French warmblood horse), Percheron and the Norman Cob (a grey work horse).

The architecture is stunning and the space is immense.

We followed up with lunch in a local restaurant.












































VeloRail, Condé-sur-Vire – June 10th 2015

Our June event saw 20 of us head for Condé-sur-Vire and the Velorail.

Having glimpsed our mode of transport for the next hour or so, we were all eager to get going.

With 4 to a cart, the 2 cyclists adjusted the seats and took up their position, whilst the other two sat back an prepared to enjoy the ride!


We cycled for about 5.5km when we reached the end of the line.

After turning the carts around, there was time for some quick refreshments before we all headed back.

A very easy cycle even for inexperienced riders.

Having arrived safely back at the start point, with no injuries and no exhaustion, we returned to our cars and drove to a nearby picnic site where another 4 members joined us.

We unpacked our picnics and enjoyed the sunshine, the company and our favourite picnic food for a couple of hours before we all headed for home.

An extremely enjoyable day and one we must repeat.

Anglophone Association 20th Anniversary Hog Roast – 5th June 2013

The day dawned cloudy and cool just to worry us but thankfully the sun came out just as everyone arrived and the rest of the afternoon was lovely, sunny and warm.
The Hog Roast people had been busy all morning preparing our lunch and we started with onion bhajees (which disappeared very quickly), followed by the pork, crackling and roast potatoes. 


The committee surpassed themselves with the variety of desserts, which everyone enjoyed.

There was a Guess-the-weight-of-the-cake competition and a Guess-the-number-of-sweets-in-the jar competition, both of which raised money for this year’s sponsored charity – Les Petit Freres des Pauvres. Our winners for these two competitions were John Darlow and Monique Metge.

There was also a raffle – some of the winners are pictured here:

David Farr compiled a quiz for us :

Our hog-roast quiz presented an intellectual challenge and I admit more of a challenge than I’d anticipated, this being my first one.
It did provide some invaluable insights into the way our members think. The question concerning a number of points awarded almost invariably produced answers concerning motoring offences!
We also discovered that the International Space Station doesn’t orbit below the height of a 747 and that the lowest point on the earth’s surface is not the bottom of Garth’s pockets!
Congratulations go to our worthy winners, Sue and John Condon, who were a couple of points ahead of the main field. Thanks to everyone who took part, raising a few laughs and also 30€ for our charity!

Annual General Meeting – 17th April 2013

Our AGM was held on Wednesday 17th April at the Mairie in Coutances.
The meeting began at 10.30am with 14 members in attendance. Our President, Stevie, summarised the events from the last year.

Our Treasurer walked us through the accounts and answered questions.
Stevie then presented a cheque for €275 to Jenny Luck from CSF Basse Normandie, our
sponsored charity for 2012. Jenny gave us a short but very interesting talk on the work of CSF Basse Normandie and the type of things the money we raised would help with.

Stevie introduced Mike as the Club’s new Secretary (to replace Tom O’Malley who has returned to the UK) and also announced that Caroline Long has stepped down due to pressures of work. Stevie thanked her for all her hard work during her time on the committee and for those lovely summer walks – which she has promised still to organise for us when work permits.

Jean was nominated as a new committee member and she was seconded and elected.
We then voted on the nominated charities and this year we will be supporting Les Petit Freres des Pauvres.

The raffle was drawn and the meeting closed at 11.30am.

Fifteen people then headed off for lunch at Don Camillo’s nearby.