New Year and our 25th Anniversary Year – 13 January 2018

More than forty members met to celebrate the New Year and our Anniversary Year at Chris R’s gîte, where a generous spread of buffet food, Galettes des Rois and an anniversary celebration cake was provided by the Committee and accompanied by Crémant d’Alsace.

Annette, our founder member, attended and was quizzed by many about the early days of the Association,before cutting the cake.

Members were able to browse a selection of earlier Newsletters, photographs and the archive of the records of the Association, which charts its activities and events from 1993.
Louise’s speech confirmed that the Association was going from strength to strength with an ever increasing variety of activities and interest groups.

Write up of the visit and photos courtesy of members.



The Anglophone Association Banner -5th September 2017

You may already know that some of our craftier members have been busy creating a banner to help make the
Anglophone Association more visible at events, such as the annual fair at Les Unelles, where we had a stand to promote the Association. On Tuesday, 5 September, the Craft Group members gathered at Sharon and Alan’s home for lunch, after which, the finished banner was presented to our President.

The plans for the banner began late last year, with meetings over coffee and cake, and it was decided to have a large central panel along with two separate, narrower, side panels. The panels can then be hung together, or separately, depending on how much space the association is allocated at an event.


Golden-yellow was chosen for the background, with accents of red, white and blue to reflect the colours of the French and British flags.
At the start of this year work began in earnest, with all of the craft group members – helped along by more coffee and cake- embellishing squares, which depict the association’s various activities.

These squares were then sewn onto the side panels, whilst the central panel was decorated with the name of the Association and its logo, along with the Union and Tricolor flags
in miniature.
The end result is a striking banner, which, hopefully, will increase our visibility and give a positive impression of the Association.
A big thank you is due to Sharon and her group of crafters – Daniele, Catherine,
Yvonne, Karen, Ann and Judi.

Anglophone Association 20th Anniversary Hog Roast – 5th June 2013

The day dawned cloudy and cool just to worry us but thankfully the sun came out just as everyone arrived and the rest of the afternoon was lovely, sunny and warm.
The Hog Roast people had been busy all morning preparing our lunch and we started with onion bhajees (which disappeared very quickly), followed by the pork, crackling and roast potatoes. 


The committee surpassed themselves with the variety of desserts, which everyone enjoyed.

There was a Guess-the-weight-of-the-cake competition and a Guess-the-number-of-sweets-in-the jar competition, both of which raised money for this year’s sponsored charity – Les Petit Freres des Pauvres. Our winners for these two competitions were John Darlow and Monique Metge.

There was also a raffle – some of the winners are pictured here:

David Farr compiled a quiz for us :

Our hog-roast quiz presented an intellectual challenge and I admit more of a challenge than I’d anticipated, this being my first one.
It did provide some invaluable insights into the way our members think. The question concerning a number of points awarded almost invariably produced answers concerning motoring offences!
We also discovered that the International Space Station doesn’t orbit below the height of a 747 and that the lowest point on the earth’s surface is not the bottom of Garth’s pockets!
Congratulations go to our worthy winners, Sue and John Condon, who were a couple of points ahead of the main field. Thanks to everyone who took part, raising a few laughs and also 30€ for our charity!