The Liberation of Coutances, 28 July 1944

Several members of the Association attended this International Commemoration in Music on the 21 July in the cathedral at Coutances, which had survived the bombardments of June 1944 almost completely unscathed. This service and concert celebrated the Liberation of Coutances on 28 July 1944, acknowledged the sacrifice of all combatants of the Battle of Normandy and the civilian victims of the bombardment of Coutances and also celebrated the seventy-five years of ensuing peace and harmony between the peoples of Europe.

The service, which included bible readings, was led by le Père Jamelot, rector of the cathedral and Donna Derrick, minister of the Anglican church of La Manche. The concert music chosen included chamber pieces by Edward Elgar and Mendelssohn, arias by Purcell as well as pieces for organ by Jehan Alain and Kurt Weill played by Jean-François Detree. The musicians had been invited by Stewart Miller and included Shu-Wei Tseng, piano, Amélie Mabire, violincello, Anne Tupling, violin and Frances Hook, soprano. The service was concluded by the hauntingly beautiful adagio from the oboe concerto of Alessandro Marcello played by Julie Arnaud, standing in the organ loft.

After the service the portes-drapeaux and congregation proceeded to the memorial garden where the Mayor of Coutances, Monsieur Lamy, gave a speech, acknowledging the debt of gratitude that we all have to those who had made the ultimate sacrifice. Louise laid a wreath on behalf of the Anglophone Association and others paid simple, personal floral tributes some of which were handpicked flowers from individuals’ gardens.

Fête nationale

C’est sous le soleil de Normandie et dans une atmosphère chaleureuse et conviviale que nous avons célébré le 14 juillet chez Louise et Dave en compagnie d’une cinquantaine d’adhérents et quelques invités.

L’apéritif et le cocktail non alcoolisé offerts à l’arrivée a permis à tout le monde de se retrouver ou de faire connaissance.
Le délicieux buffet préparé par les membres du comité était formidable et co-pieux, avec toute une variété de plats pour le plaisir des yeux et des papilles !!!
Bravo encore aux membres du comité pour avoir organisé diverses acti-vités permettant de collecter des fonds pour le SNSM- les Sauveteurs en Mer.
Celles ci étaient :
Pétanque, jeux de coquilles d’huîtres, lotto, ventes de livres/DVD/CD d’occasion, vente aux enchères de 2 T-shirt de la SNSM, carte au trésor et deviner le poids du gâteau fait maison.
Toutes ces activités ont permis de collecter la somme de 345,48€.

Tous nos remerciements et félicitations aux membres du comité pour avoir organisé cette belle journée et surtout nous remercions sincère-ment Dave et Louise pour nous avoir accueillis tous si chaleureusement et amicalement dans leur jardin pour célébrer cet événement dans la joie et la bonne humeur.

Lucky winners

Les gagnants étaient :
Pétanque/boules : Sue et Salomé
Jeu des coquilles d’huîtres : Jerry
La carte au trésor : Andy
Poids du gâteau deviné : Roxanne
1er prix du panier garni : Alan et Sharon


Fete National – 14th July 2017

Louise and David welcomed sixty-two members of the Anglophone Association to the Annual Fête nationale.

The weather was, once again, kind to us and we were able to enjoy a delightful buffet lunch sitting under the Normandy sunshine.

 Many thanks to all the committee members who right royally provided such a feast.

The serious business of the day, The Boules and The Welly Wanging, then began. Almost everyone who attended the lunch took part in these events, and those who were not actually playing played their part by providing vocal support and encouragement to all competitors.


The hard fought Boules Competition was eventually won by Jerry and Peter. Jerry, of course, is the returning Champion and was partnered for the first time by Peter.

After much hilarity in the field of play, Sophie was crowned Ladies’ Welly Wanging Champion and Ray the Men’s Welly Wanging Champion. All Champions received awards to mark their achievement and we congratulate them.

A raffle was held with the monies going to Parentibus, our nominated charity.
All winners were duly photographed with their prizes.

The Lucky Dip Bin, which was excellent value, proved to be a great success as it guaranteed not only one prize but two all for the sum of one euro.
Soon it was time for us to say thank you to our Committee for all their hard work and take our leave. Stevie proposed a Vote of Thanks to the Committee, seconded by everyone.

 Write up and photos courtesy of members